Unlikely Public School: Beginnings

A local author and home educator has written a book that has become pretty famous in homeschooling circles. “Unlikely Homeschool” by Jamie Erickson is an amazing resource for those just starting out on a homeschooling journey. Full of encouragement and great ideas, her book (and her blog/Instagram account) are pretty much a staple. If youContinue reading “Unlikely Public School: Beginnings”

Finding Joy in…being “outside the box”

Hello. My name is Leanne and I am the parent of an “outside the box” kid. I mean, I think if we have kids, we all are, to a certain degree. Whatever “the box” is, I guarantee that there is some way that each of us does not fit entirely inside it. I read aContinue reading “Finding Joy in…being “outside the box””

Finding Joy in….birthdays!!

Both of my sons were born at really inconvenient times of the year. Gage was born shortly before Thanksgiving, right in the middle of deer season, at the time of year when the weather starts getting a bit unpredictable in northern Minnesota. His first birthday was foiled by a blizzard the night before, although myContinue reading “Finding Joy in….birthdays!!”